Our chosen devices and software

Here’s a quick run down of our chosen hardware and software that we use on a daily basis. The geek’s section.

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    Visitors to the Branding boss studio are always satisfied by the wide array of devices we use to check websites in all their responsive glory.

    We wouldn’t be without our HANNspree 42″ monitor and laser pen either which are great for viewing work with clients, researching as a group and teaching our customers the ins and outs of their new websites and hosting package control panels.

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    Website Software

    We have to start with WordPress, it’s our favoured web design software and the most popular content management system (CMS) used worldwide.

    From CNN, through to UPS and a whole host of brands and industries it has really grown since its early days as popular blogging software.

    Yes it has its flaws which can be combated with the right knowledge, plugins and application, but there is no argument that this is the giant for cool and responsive website design, whether portfolio, corporate or e-commerce… WordPress has it covered.

    Not just WordPress…

    Although we rant and rave about the world of opportunities available with WordPress we would be nothing short of stupid to put all of our eggs into one wp-basket.

    Here is a list of other web design software we have experience with:

    • Dreamweaver
    • Magento
    • Drupal

    Call us today on 0113 2538746 for a Branding boss website design.

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    Brand Design Software

    When it comes to vectors and graphics we wouldn’t be operational without our extended versions of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

    What is a vector image?

    A vector image is a custom shape or custom image (made up of objects) which can be increased and decreased to any chosen size (seriously, any size) without the loss of quality.

    Each area of a design created with vectors can be edited separately, moved, colour changed, resized. Unlike an image created/imported into Photoshop, which when rasterised, loses its sharpness when increased in size as the pixels used to create the image are stretched.

    Our brand design department create some of the most eye catching and unique design just for you. Everything is original and we use no templates.

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    Branding boss would be nowhere without it, it’s true.

    From Gmail, YouTube and Search, to Analytics, Webmaster Tools and Docs, our days would not work the same without this market leading giant.

    We recommend Google applications to each and every person we meet and talk to, you can never have enough Google stuff going on. It’s the business.

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    Music is to this studio what oxygen is to the lungs.

    We purchase everything to make sure that we give back to the artists as well as the company who make everything cool, Apple we salute you.

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