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A lesson in branding from Autoglass

By 11th June 2015 No Comments

A brick hit my beemer!

That’s right, 60mph and half a house brick landed in my windscreen.

I took a much needed and very rare day off on Saturday which resulted in a drive to Filey with my wife, daughter and 10 month old Yorkshire Terrier.

Wet turned up jeans, a sandblasted windbreaker and a huge portion of fish ‘n’ chips later, we set off home with the roof down (which was up before we hit the dual carriageway due to Jessica’s fear of swallowing a flying crab).

So we was on our way home to watch the mighty Arsenal!

When a truck full of rubble was hurtling towards us on the opposite side of the road. Travelling at the speed of light also was a big chunk of something that looked more damaging than a flying crab, then, it hit the windscreen and in true Starsky & Hutch style left a proper spiders web of cracks in front of my eyes. All hail the fear of flying crabs I thought.

Autoglass taught me a lesson!

I’m always open to new ways of branding, which is different to advertising for those who don’t know. Branding is following through with your identity, keeping everything uniform, professional and making sure that you are seen to be proud of everything your project stands for.
It was the slightest thing, something I haven’t witnessed before. You see, his phone rang whilst he was fitting my new windscreen and it broke our conversation as soon as he took it. It didn’t register straight away but, I had to ask… “is that the music that is on your TV advert?”.
“Yeah” he said, “it’s works phone” … I told him it was genius. Such a small thing but a great piece of branding which I’d never experienced before. He had the van, the coat, the tools, but that ringtone just completed everything.
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