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Branding boss Advice :: A Rough Guide to eBay Shops

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Hello valued customer,

Second and final email of the week and here is some really good information for those of you, like me, who have stuff to sell and want a great way to start online.

I know some have already ventured into eBay and if not for business purposes, many of you will have at least sold something of your own using a personal eBay account, but check out these benefits when opening a basic eBay store at £20 per month:

  • 200 products to list per month
  • list products indefinitely (up to a maximum of 30 days with any personal account)
  • lift sell and receive limits easier than with a personal account
  • branded store front
  • category tabs on store front
  • analytics and sales tracker
  • plus much, much more

So why eBay… why not my own e-Commerce website?

The simplest answer is this:

When you create any website you have to have a way to increase traffic for it to be effective. For any website to succeed it needs to be found, needs to be seen and people need to know that it exists, as well as know that when they get there it has everything they want at the right price for their pocket.

So take a new site which starts at the base of thousands and thousands of Google pages, the site needs work from the inside and out to start making its way through the virtual deadwood until it shows up closer to the front pages.

Now let’s say that the website has started to show on pages 4 and 5 for one or more products that the site is selling… you naturally get a little excited, and why shouldn’t you!

But here comes the tricky part. You see, you will now start to compete with mature websites and large companies which will no doubt include Amazon and eBay to mention but a few.

So, with that said, let’s look at eBay:

If you yourself are shopping online for a product, you will probably have your favourite websites either bookmarked or in your head, and when online, we always want to know if we can get it cheaper elsewhere. So where do the largest percentage of us go to? Well, eBay! Amazon is a close second with World Wide Web savvy users, but everyone from the little old lady to the high on life teenager visits eBay.

Like I state in that short list above, your basic eBay store will cost you £20. That’s twenty pound each month to be in front of a world wide audience, with immediate effect.

Being able to list your product indefinitely is one of the biggest draws when compared to your personal account, as well as reduced final selling price fees. Listing indefinitely takes care of re-listing, and that means there is no need to re-list. You can sell your product(s) using a shorter time scale as you can when using your personal account, but why would you when you can keep it listed until it sells, or sells out if you have more than one.

There are loads more benefits when you upgrade your store too, but with 200 products in a month, this basic package is a great way to start.

If you want to venture into eBay and would like help with it, or you need it setting up and your store front designing/configuring then call me on 0113 2538746 or call my mobile 07810 782433. Alternatively, email me back and we will get the ball rolling.

I have attached my pricing and payment terms which you can read through.

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