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Branding boss advice :: Facebook Advertising

By 29th July 2014 No Comments

Good morning to all my customers and visitors,

I want to give you some information regarding Facebook advertising.

Firstly… are you doing this?

Secondly… if the answer is no, then why not?

Facebook, as much as some loathe it, is where society spends most of its time (at least online).

It is said that the average person in Britain passes 30 – 45 minutes of their spare time on Facebook (although some seem to be on there longer than they are on their feet), whether it be on their PC, laptop, tablet or more likely, their smart phone.

No doubt you will have seen the adverts as you scroll through your feed looking for tasty morsels of information like a duck riding a giraffe, or a lamb swimming in a keg of beer which is rolling down a mountain whilst on fire only to be saved by a homeless guy in Miami… we’ve all seen that one.

But seriously… advertising on Facebook is the one.

  • Cost effective (starts at £5 per day)
  • No contracts (advertise for 1 day, 3 days, a month…)
  • Filter your advert so that only people you want to see it, get to see it (saving you money)
  • Advertise your Facebook page, your website, offers and more

What’s more… if you have a customer email list, you can add all of their emails into your advert and Facebook will not only find your customers using that email address, but it will let you advertise to nobody else but them. Imagine that!

“As a valued customer of ‘your company’ we would love to offer you or a family member/friend, 15% off of your next purchase/service”

I manage many Facebook advertising accounts now and not only is it a great way of advertising but your website will benefit from it in the search engines. You are creating clicks through to your website which shows Google and the gang that you are current and people want to visit you. Make that page they land on easy to understand and easy to see your contact details… they have arrived because they are interested in what you have to offer, make sure it easy to take the all important next step in contacting you or your office.

If you would like me to help you set up your Facebook adverts, or you would like me to manage them too, just call me now on 0113 2538746 or even my mobile 07810 782433.

Alternatively simply email me and we will discuss.

I have attached my new amended price list to this email for you to download.


Sam Davis