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Back again on this Tuesday the 5th of August,

Last weeks free knowledge sent to you on Tuesday and Wednesday covered ‘Facebook advertising‘ and ‘online reviews‘, did you them? If not you can do 1 of 2 things:

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Back to the subject of Google+ Business Pages

Google+ Businesses Pages are not only free, but they are a great way to start building your online reputation.

As with any business profile listing, Google+ allows you to add your business details, from your address, phone numbers and social profiles as well as your business hours, photos, video and so much more.

When your listing is verified by Google, which is done by post [please allow 2-3 weeks for your postcard to arrive], your listing is live as soon as you input the pin code that you will find on opening the postcard sized envelope.

The majority of us know of, use or have at least heard of Google Maps. When your listing has been approved and you have taken action by inputting your pin code, your business will be live on Google Maps.

The creation of your page also means that you will have signed up to Google’s email client [Gmail], thus creating you a Google+ account.

Your Google+ account is the equivalent of Facebook and Twitter all in one. The benefits of a Google account don’t just stop at business listings and maps, the benefits also include the following:

  • YouTube
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Google AdWords
  • Google Docs [think Microsoft Word but free and accessible anywhere]
  • Google Alerts [really important if your Twitter feed or blog is news driven]
  • and so much more…

Google’s dominance in search is just under 70% with their nearest rival, Microsoft, having a share of 18%. So make sure you take the short amount of time to create that Google account, it is beneficial in so many ways.

Did you know that by using Gmail you can…

  • Open any document from within your email account, includingCreate documents of Gmail email threads [a full conversation with a client or supplier, all from within Google]
    • Word Documents
    • Excel Documents
    • PDF Documents
  • Schedule emails to send later using the Boomerang add-on [Chrome and Firefox]
  • Easily set up POP3 email for your web hosted email addresses [as some do with Outlook Express on their desktops]
  • Build email lists and create email groups easily
  • Have video chat with your fellow Gmail users
  • Create hangouts and invite your customers to live and interactive video chats, tutorials and other live video feeds

Google+ Business Pages are the greatest place for your customers to leave you reviews. When you take into consideration that Google has more than the lion’s share in search dominance, your Google+ business credentials will be displayed at the top of their engine, and those review stars will be glowing yellow [all 5 starts hopefully] for new and old visitors to read the experiences of others when using your company.

I can not advise you of a better way to advertise your business than starting with a Google+ Business Page, so do it, do it now.

If you need me to help you with it, need me to set it up for you, please contact me by phone on 0113 2538746, 07810 782433 or send me an email.

I have attached you a PDF which outlines my pricing and payments terms.

Have a good Tuesday,