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Branding boss Advice :: What is hosting?

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Hello on the second day of week commencing 11th August,

Do you know, I never get asked ‘What is hosting?’

Instead, I find myself trying to tell my customers about it when we get together and sit down… the majority of the time, I am sad to say, it is something which falls on deaf ears.

Now, I know it isn’t the most interesting of subjects, and I know that 95% of you pay your hosting on time because you know that it is of importance to your website, even if you don’t know why!

Well let me unwrap that lack of understanding, sprinkle a little sugar and slice it into pieces so you can digest the facts in bite sized chunks…

  • Hosting is a necessity, without it your website wouldn’t be seen

This is a true fact, you see… the hosting account acts in the same way that your body becomes a vessel for your spirit, and without body or content, the hosting account would just lay dormant and invisible to the naked eye.

  • Your hosting account is loaded with extras

Yes, it is. Your hosting cPanel (control panel), makes it possible for you to create and configure your own email addresses, analyse the performance of your website and its actions, download files from your website, install additional software to help you optimise your site, create databases, and so much more as you come to understand the basics.

  • I personally manage your account and keep everything up-to-date

I do. You pay me to host your website, so in theory you are my tenant and your website is the rented property. As the landlord to your website’s home it is my job to take care of problems as they arise. This includes updates of PHP versions, problems you may have with regards to email accounts, tailoring your account if you reach your bandwidth or disk quota limits, server migration and more. I manage all of this across 30+ accounts, and so far this year I have spent about 4 whole days making sure that your service is uninterrupted for your piece of mind.

  • Why do hosting packages vary in price?

It’s a space thing. Otherwise known as Bandwidth and Disk Space. Let me break it down.


Depending on the size of your hosting account, your bandwidth is set to allow you a reserved amount of data space. Whether it be page loading (every time a page loads it uses part of your bandwidth), the faster a page loads, the less it uses. A bit like the more you rev your car, the more petrol it uses.

This is why it is important to save your images for the internet. The less pixel density, the faster they load; the faster they load, the less bandwidth you use. Every month your bandwidth gets reset, but should you reach your limit (maybe a very successful advertising campaign increases visits and page views of your website), your website can reach its limit and if it wasn’t for me, it would draw a blank page, literally.

I am alerted to any accounts nearing their limit so that I can log in to my host manager account and increase your level of bandwidth.

Now let’s look at your Disk Quota

This is a lot easier for me to explain and for you to understand.

You are allocated an amount of space for images and other files. If you save images for the web, reduce the quality of audio files etc. then naturally you use less space on your account. In a nutshell, this explains your quota, so keep those files reduced. Reducing your images uses less space, and as above, uses less bandwidth when your page loads where the image is placed.


As I deal with these things daily, they are simple for me to understand, but I know that sometimes information and detail is hard to grasp, so, should you need me to explain any more about your hosting account, or you would like me to help you with logging in, understanding and finding many of the good elements you can use within your personal Control Panel, then as always, call me on 0113 2538746 or 07810 782433.

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