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Branding boss Urgent Notice :: Your Domain Names

By 27th August 2014 No Comments

The final months of each year are my busiest when it comes to renewing domain names for you all. Now this information is with you, let me stress the following:

  • When your domain name expires (as with hosting), your website will no longer be visible
  • Please pay your domain name renewal invoice immediately to avoid any interruption of your online services
  • Your domain name renewal will only be valid once your invoice is paid in full
  • If you have more than 1 website, with their domains added on to a chief domain name, they will either disappear if each isn’t renewed on time, or will all disappear if the chief domain name isn’t renewed on time.

Please note:

It is really, really important to pay your renewals on time, whether domain name or hosting. Without renewing on time, your website will not be visible to your customers or new visitors who come through via Google search or your paid online advertising.

I can not tell you enough, that paying your renewal invoices is so important. Please do not ignore them or put them to one side, you risk your website going down, or websites is some instances.

Kind Regards,

Sam Davis