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By 21st May 2015 No Comments

You NEED to know about our VPS Hosting

On 20th May 2015 everything changed for websites hosted with Branding boss; speed, security, email, scaleability and more.

Last night all Branding boss websites and their hosting packages were moved from a shared server in the U.S of A, to a Dedicated Virtual Private Server (VPS) over here within the United States of Europe (let’s be honest it won’t be long until that phrase is coined will it).

The increase in cost and the performance benefits included for all Bb hosted websites will see the cost of standard hosting packages rise by £10 in 2016 while premium and platinum hosting package costs will remain the same.

Multiple benefits as of today!

Here are the reasons why we have moved:

  •  Faster page loading times (important to Google and search listings as well as visitors).
  • Deeper levels of security (the server is locked down to you, me, mine and yours).
  • Email stability (there should be no more email outages which occur mainly on shared servers).
  • Improved scaleability on search engines (Google et al are going to love everything about the new hosting platform and will reward all your websites).

You Don’t Need To Do Anything!

Just sit back and relax or work like a nutter, whichever mood suits you.

“We have been testing and checking everything since 4am today; viewing your websites, and sending emails. We’ve been so excited about this that we couldn’t sleep properly, so that kettle got boiled early and we made it our mission to prop the lids open with cocktail sticks just to make sure you’re all online. Now that’s love.”

If for any reason you do experience a problem please alert us as soon as possible.