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The Google update which will have your website wobbling

By 23rd April 2015 No Comments

This really is a quick one!

This Google update is going to upset many!!

If my grammar isn’t at its usual best that is becuase I am writing with panic attached to my fingertips.

Make sure this sinks in!

Google’s new ‘Mobile Friendly Websites’ update is going to see that those websites which are not adapting to mobile devices (smart phone and tablet) will lose ground on their competition where Goole Search is concerned.

Google lead the world of search and always make the big changes before others follow suit in a ‘we didn’t have the cahunas to do that’ kind of way

Check that your site is mobile friendly…

By visiting the follow Google page ‘¬† ‘ you can add your website URL (i.e. and Google will scan your website, providing a result in around 60 seconds.

What if my site isn’t mobile friendly?

Before websites were built with responsiveness in mind, you would have had a mobile website built away from your original one which would automatically display when your site was visited by a user and their iPhone for example.

Now, themes and plugins are built to be responsive, this means that if your website was built within the last 24 months, it should be deemed cool by Google. If it isn’t then, wherever your website is on Google’s search engine right now, its position could be about to change.

Do not sweep this information under the carpet. Do visit and add your website address to see if it complies. You know where we are if you need us to help with this matter.