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Update WordPress websites themes and plugins NOW!!

By 23rd April 2015 No Comments

You NEED To Update NOW!!

Your website theme, plugins and WordPress NEEDS updating and be pretty damn quick.

You have a stunning website created with the best software. Software which requires a theme (template) and plugins to provide dynamic results. WordPress updates about every 2 months or so which needs you to log in to the website and click ‘update’ (be sure that you have a backup of your website first).

In turn your theme needs updating, along with the all important plugins.

Why Sam, Why?

  • The internet changes, it’s a constant.
  • Hackers are trying to crack websites the world over, to steal screen space and nothing else (unless they get lucky).
  • Older versions of WordPress, plugins and themes are like a red rag to a bull.
  • You have a stunning bespoke website and you need to protect it.
After Reading This Go And Update

Before I tell you how to do this properly please read more about how urgent this is on any of the folowing websites. Just so you know that I am not feeding you rotten lettuce smothered in out-of-date mayonnaise.

Step by Step Guide to Updating: if you need your log in details for WordPress or your hosting just let me know.

  • Back up your website in your hosting control panel
  • Log in to your WordPress dashboard. For example (unless I changed this when adding security plugins)
  • Update WordPress by clicking the ‘update WordPress’ button
  • Update your plugins one-by-one, checking your website after each plugin update looking for any disruptions to your website layout.
  • If everything is looking tickety-boo, back up your website again.
  • Now it is time to update your website theme. Using a FTP client (FileZilla or other), log onto the hosting account with your FTP login details.
  • Access your public_html folder followed by the wp-content folder, then your themes folder.
  • Download your updated theme and open the .zip folder.
  • Double click on your theme folder to access all the files you need to upload via your FTP client.
  • Select all files, drag those across to your FTP window and drop them in the correct theme folder.
  • You will be alerted that files already exist in the current folder.
  • You can now select ‘Overwrite if newer’ and at the bottom of the FTP window (FileZilla) select ‘Always do this’
  • Let the upload do its thing…
  • Now go back to your website and refresh the page… everything good? Cool.
  • Finally, back up your website and get yourself out of there knowing that everything is good until the next update.

Need help? Need your login details?

You know where we are.