Yes I know, you hate being on camera, I know you aren’t the next Phillip Schofield or Emma Willis yet, but look .. you need to market your company, its products and/or services using video.

Why Video Marketing?

Now I know that you all look at YouTube for many reasons.

It might be that your interested in when the world is going to end, or you may want to know how to change a tap in the bathroom.

You could be looking for advice on which smart phone to buy next, how to clean glue off your sofa or even how to quickly defrost your freezer (trust me, don’t use a candle).

Either way you have three options:

  1. phone a friend
  2. read extensive paraphernalia on a forum via Google
  3. or watch a short video on YouTube

Seeing is believing, watching is learning and YouTube is home to everything you need to know about everything you need to know.

I love being in front of the camera.

It is something I am trying to perfect by tweaking things every time I talk to you all, because it works. It works and IT’S FREE!

We are getting lazy

To the point where if a video pops up on Facebook and it’s 2 minutes long, we’ll watch 30 seconds no problem, but if it doesn’t catch our attention, if it doesn’t feed our eyes, we’ll return to our social media feeds and move on.

So what does that tell you?

It should tell you that you need to do the following:

  • create a video of content with substance
  • show the viewer something they need to know
  • engage the viewer by getting their attention
  • create a weekly video (known as vlogging)
  • make a short video promoting your company and its services
  • create a YouTube channel
  • share the videos on social media
  • add the videos to your website
  • post the videos in your blog posts
  • create a nice description in the video for Google etc. to index
  • link to your website and social media profiles from the video
  • use annotations on the video to link viewers to more videos
  • use those annotations to direct them to pages of your website

But remember, make the videos short enough to entice views.

Make them look good, be a part of the videos so that people warm to you as a person, before they choose your services or products.

It’s All About Video Marketing

Do not waste this window of time thinking about doing video, just get on with it.

Before you know it everyone will be doing it and doing it well. Companies are already doing it and they are reaping the rewards of connecting to others.

“Be the next Schofield or Willis”

If you need help, contact us this week on 0113 2538736.

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