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Lydia thinks this is exciting!

By 20th March 2015 No Comments

Lydia is getting a buzz from YOUR Twitter & Facebook!

Over the past four weeks Lydia has been running 3 Twitter and Facebook accounts for clients and her constant enthusiasm for the projects has been heightened each time a new ‘Like’ happens, or a new follower climbs on board. But it’s not those simple things which are creating the buzz, it is the conversations she is having with people inside and outside the industries of said accounts.

Do you have the time to create relationships with online strangers?

Starting at 10am until 4pm – Lydia has numerous web browsers open and is logged into the customer Facebook and Twitter accounts, following, adding, tagging, mentioning, sharing, retweeting, private messaging, asking and answering questions, creating relationships with online strangers.

It is a constant, there is no room for doodling flowers on paper, or talking about the events of the weekend just gone, it is something Lydia focuses on, studies and plans. Writing creatively and asking the right questions to make the users feel like they are in control is a special kind of skill, and fortunately for you, Miss Davidson really has got it down to a tee.