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Sam … What Have You Done?

By 7th April 2015 No Comments
[rt_heading style=”style-1″ size=”h2″]Sam… what have you done?[/rt_heading]

That text was sent to me last week and I must admit, I panicked.

My stomach churned when Lee of P&L Glazing sent that message because, being the man who is concerned about your websites, marketing and businesses, I thought ‘oh no, another website has been hacked and I am going to have to sit through the build up to Easter fixing a website which has been beaten and battered by a hackers program’.

The sickly feeling soon turned into one of pride and elation.

With phone in my hand I started to text but thought ‘no, I better call Lee and find out what the problem is’.

Lee answered “Sam… what have you done to me” … cue that sickly feeling once again and a shaky reply from myself “err, I don’t know, what have I done?”. “My phone won’t stop ringing” he said, “I am having to turn it off at 9pm because it’s ridiculous”. He then joked “can you take it off Google for a couple of weeks”, which as most know, I have no control over the biggest search engine in the world, I have simply put the hours in to understand how it works.

The remainder of the conversation outlined that “all the work you did has put my company number 2 on the first page for most search terms, right behind the largest supplier in the country, and they have spent thousands”. It was cool to hear Lee compliment me with nice words as well as point out that “if you was based in London you would be charging me to speak with you on the phone every time I called”, which is true and one of the reasons why the packages have been created.

[rt_heading style=”style-1″ size=”h1″]The price of packages has now increased![/rt_heading]

Since the creation of our online packages and the constant daily work which is carried out for the business owners who originally said ‘I do’, I have had to increase the price of both which can be seen below.

We are eating and sleeping the services/products supplied by our clients already on board. We are adding value, along with extensive knowledge of social media, networking and online advertising, continuous support and loads more, which is why the price of packages has now increased for this full on service.

  • Package A = £400 per month
  • Package B = £600 per month

Once you opt in, that’s your price for the remainder of 2015