5 Reasons Why You Can’t Beat Yorkshire

Yorkshire, the only place in the world where it is seen as acceptable to be out in a vest and shorts when only 12 degrees. Yorkshire is truly a magical place, one full of wonder. But what is it exactly that makes Yorkshire such a great place to live?

  1. History: Yorkshire spans back centuries and has been shaped by a variety of descendants including the Celts, Romans and Vikings. The industrial revolution also played a huge part in putting Yorkshire on the map. With hundreds of castles, industrial architecture, Europe’s best kept medieval streets and stunning landscapes dotted around the land, is it any wonder it is known as Gods Own Country?
  2. Food: Yorkshire has more of the highest rated restaurants than any other county in the UK, other than London. With thousands of traditional pubs, pub grub and fine dining go hand in hand. The folk round here would die for their Yorkshire Puddings.
  3. Culture: Flat caps and farmers you say? In recent years Yorkshire has established itself as a capital of culture with amazing attractions such as the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The locals are nothing but friendly and welcome all newcomers with welcome arms. It’s hard to take a trip down to the local shop without meeting someone new and getting into a heart felt conversation.
  4. Sports: Along with many spectacular football, cricket and rugby players raised in Yorkshire, Yorkshire athletes are praised for England’s success at the 2012 London Olympics after winning seven gold, two silver and three bronze medals.
  5. The Coast: Two words, Fish & Chips. Along with the world’s finest fish and chips, the Yorkshire coast provides lovely countryside walks, quaint fishing villages and beautiful seaside resorts with white sand beaches. Scarborough became England’s first seaside resort in 1626.

Yorkshire is rich with history and contains England’s biggest medieval cathedral, biggest abbey ruins, biggest parish church, biggest manmade structure (Emily Moor Mast), the world’s biggest fish and chip shop and Britain’s tallest man. But Yorkshire is not only big, it is beautiful.