fireplaces Huddersfield

Fireplaces Huddersfield

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Yes it does look like the kind of title I would be using for SEO purposes and I do admit that yes… it is for this reason that I am giving the company Discount Fireplaces Online a hand, a leg up, a piggyback ride in the world of search.

You should already know by now that Discount Fireplaces Online is the world wide window for Discount Fireplaces of Brighouse which also has under it’s roof the department which goes by the name of Brighouse Stove Centre, as well as the Limestone Fireplace Emporium.

You see, they have been a growing company who although swimming against the tide of a recession and countless other objects in their path, do the right thing. At the helm is a man who I admire for his forward thinking, his resolve, his determination. So it’s not the kind of blog post which is hard to write, this is a post which flows with a natural flick of the fingers over the keyboard of my superb laptop. I want nothing more than this company and it’s staff who are family members working close and hard to make amazing things happen in the world of fireplaces (I could have sneaked a fireplaces Huddersfield in there somewhere).

If I can mention their 5000 SQ ft showroom for a minute then let me tell you that it is extensive to say the least, stoves burning, wood cracking, smells wafting, heat being exerted through crevices in iron clad doors. Coffee machines whirling the aroma of fresh caffeine based drinks .. friendly staff smiling at the customers and making them feel relaxed while perusing there favourite pieces of fireplace design.

The manufacturing plant at the rear of their premises sounds like an engine driving the machine stationed in Brighouse, England. A place where you can order your limestone fireplace, your marble fireplace and your granite fireplace in bespoke heights, bespoke widths and bespoke depths, You can choose a design form a brochure and if it isn’t available from the brochure in your required size then ask you shall receive .. want the back in black granite and the surround limestone .. again, ask and you shall be granted your wish.

Even the fireplace fitting team are a level above the fireplace installers next door, going above and beyond to not only make sure the customers purchased products are fitted professionally and guaranteed but also that the customer enjoys and feels a part of the whole experience which comes with making a luxury purchase. If that wasn’t enough each fitter gives out a form for feedback at the end of each job, these forms are filled in by the customer who has their chance to report back to the Discount Fireplaces of Brighouse showroom with their opinions of the whole experience. Each of these forms is then taken back by the showroom with a picture of their fitted fireplace and displayed for all future customers to read in their books which are on display around the showroom.

One other department which I haven’t touched on is the Clearance section of the showroom. This is a place where products from stock which have built up over time are displayed just like any other item and sold at amazing prices. These surrounds stand beautifully¬† with fires just waiting for Mr and Mrs Right to come along and snap ’em up.

So there you have it, what was an article on fireplaces Huddersfield became a letter to the owners of a business which is anchored but ploughing through the muddy fields of adversity…

Long may this family business be around supplying fires, fireplaces and stoves to the great public of Brighouse and beyond.

Sam Davis [Branding boss]