Hostgator Down #HostgatorDown

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Hostgator Down :: Hostgator reseller servers down over 36 hours!

As a handful of you know I was up until 4am and back in front of the laptop at 6:30am with regards to Hostgator’s servers being down.

The reason (they say) is that the operating system attached to hosting resellers has come back back with an error regarding MySQL Database software.

Over the last 3 days sites across the world have been up and down on the internet as Hostgator are one of the biggest wordwide. I have been in the process of finding a new host with a promised 100% uptime (most advertise 99.9%, allowing for updates).

When all sites are back up I will be moving everything over to the new servers which will result in no changes to email, passwords etc.

I have led the way on Twitter, direct with them on live chat, through email and as of yesterday, via YouTube. I have not let them rest and I am making sure that your space is at the front of the queue as much as I can.

I have had to put all work aside for the last 48 hours so I can keep checking all 40+ websites constantly… if you do result in loss of your online presence, please accept my apologies, it is out of my hands but I am assured that Hostgator are doing everything possible to remedy this problem with urgency.

I will keep you posted but if you want to know how important this is to me, that your services are back to normal… please read my Twitter feed or better still watch the short videos which are being retweeted by others in the same position. these videos have made Hostgator respond via management and not just through the Twitter account.

Here are the links to both video messages I have sent to Hostgator via their Twitter accounts:

Message number 1 ::

Message number 2 ::

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