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Simply Brilliant Videos

Video Marketing is everything right now, get yours found in search results.

It’s no secret that we love video marketing. Whether for your Facebook page, email marketing content, website or YouTube channel. Video is the one.

It’s the visual game changer and rather than spill the beans here this product is something you need to speak with us about.

You’ll be glad you did – call 0113 2533 888 and speak to Sam.

Overview of service

  • Video creation.
  • Video editing.
  • Video search optimisation.
  • Search results and rankings.
  • Lead generation by search results.
  • You and your company right there for the user.

We concentrate so hard on video marketing right now because it is the most effective way to impact your prospective clients.

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Our weekly post reach results average 11,000 with our videos averaging between 900 – 2500 views each.


Our Twitter audiences stretch out across 8 different accounts, covering local areas and as well as branding and trade niches.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is consistently structured for ‘business-to-business’ and ‘business-to-consumer’ 3 times each week.


We start on a Monday with an average of 4 blog posts being written to provide great content and backlinks for our clients websites.

Call Us Now On 0113 2533 888