We are a group of very cool

and passionate people who

really care about your business.

Our team has been put together by Sam who decided that it was best to concentrate on work ethic, energy, passion and then refine the rough diamonds who not only had what it takes but who wanted to be a part of something big, exciting and a project that provides business owners with out of this world services which make a difference.

Sam Davis

Founder & Director

With 14 years experience in a service and product related business from ’96 to 2010, care of a bathroom showroom with his brother, Sam understands what it is like to live with the ups and downs within a competitive market.

Since July 4th 2010 he has been providing design and marketing to customers worldwide through his company Branding boss. 6 years of knowledge led him to create Are You In Ltd, the greatest idea of his many ideas since the age of 12 when he designed a practice skateboard out of a plank of wood, 2 wood blocks and a piece of carpet because he couldn’t wait till Christmas (16 years later there was such a thing available to buy from Argos, although not designed by Sam).

It’s fair to say that Sam is generally ahead of his time.

Ryan Leeming


Chosen for his non-stop promotion and professional stance when marketing his music, Ryan was deployed to learn everything that Sam threw at his cerebellum and become the content creator and professional online marketer you have supporting your business, brand and projects.

In 2015 Ryan graduated with a 2:1 BA (Hons) Degree studying ‘Media Communications & Culture’.

Ryan has been trained internally and his work ethic behind the screen really does match that of his founder, which is the minimum requirement at Are You in Ltd.

Ryan cares about his clients and understands their needs, he also loves his music.

365 Days for £545

Everything your company needs in a groundbreaking online marketing/advertising package.

Business Startups

If you are starting your new business you need to get in touch and speak with us about this all-in-one package. From available funding to everything else you need, we got you covered.

Social Media Projects

Our social media project management allows your company, brand and projects to grow online, we take everything you have and take it to where you want to be.