What To Consider When Buying A Boiler

Buying a reliable boiler is extremely important, especially in them cold months. Here is some expert advice from plumbers and heating engineers on how to do so.

Its important to choose the best  new boiler for your home as they can be extremely expensive and so need to have a long lifespan. When deciding what type of boiler you should get you need to consider:


Most households in the UK have gas central heating systems equipped with a gas boiler. If your households are not connected to the UK gas network you could have an oil boiler, LPG boiler or a wood-burning stove fitted.


You can choose between:

  • A combination boiler, which provides heat for your radiators and domestic hot water on demand.
  • A heat-only boiler, which is connected to a hot water storage system.


If you have gas central heating, your boiler will account for 60% of your home’s CO2 emissions. If you are looking to reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint then you should seriously take this into consideration.

Heating Controls

This is good for managing your heating costs and allows you to control when, where and at what temperature your heating is.


Don’t install a replacement boiler yourself. You must employ a professional for this. Find a competent heating engineer that is Gas Safe Registered to do the work for you. Make sure they have a good reputation and ask to see their Gas Safe Register ID card.

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