Glenns Movers removals in Leeds

Glenns Movers removals in Leeds

Glenns Movers have been serving up removals in Leeds for over 20 years and not only have the workforce and vehicles to provide their unrivalled professional service, but they have knowledge stacked on top of knowledge.

At the head of Glenns Movers removals in Leeds is Glenn Makin. His desire to achieve excellence with every removal, relocation and storage project is admired from each customer who makes the right decision to go with his company. In 2013 Glenn started REMO Boxes, his removal packaging company which supplies the cheapest removal boxes online.

I have been privileged enough to be the catalyst for both businesses getting off the ground via the internet with both websites looking very handsome and performing brilliantly. As well as Glenns Movers and REMO Boxes having their online shop windows, they are both being well represented on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Add to this the REMO Boxes eBay store and you can understand that all moves are being made in the right direction.

Over the last 12 months I have been working alongside Glenn to help both companies gain a good standing online reputation which is growing daily. New website content, a new blog which is documenting the moves of the company, hints, advice and general news about the industry both are related to. Videos will be coming to the YouTube channel which will be a variety of TUT’s and adverts, you can expect images aplenty (including infographics) on the boards of both Pinterest accounts, Facebook pages and Instagram.

It would be great if you could follow, add and take a little time to familiarise yourself with both companies and if you are looking for removals in Leeds I would strongly advise calling Glenn and his team. Professional, clean, educated and right on time when it comes to relocating, removals and storage.

You can reach Glenns Movers on 0113 2897594 Monday through to Saturday.

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