Morley Business turns over £70,000 using Instagram.

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You mean you’re not using it!!

It’s the app which allows you to document your business and social life like no other. It’s instant, you can share with your Facebook and Twitter audience, and most importantly it can make you money.

Here’s some proof for you!

Now I know that not everybody is going to have the same success story as every business is different. For instance; a new client of mine ‘Effect Joinery’ has been using the app as I have instructed for 1 week and he has received work once it had landed on his Facebook page. One job within one week of using Instagram isn’t bad at all.

Now let’s take a look at the biggest Instagram success story I have helped with.

In a small part of Morley Borough there is a upholstery business called ‘Marcus Kenyon Upholstery’. Run by a very cool dude who was aware that he needed to tap into the world of social networking but needed some guidance. Bring to the story your favourite online superstar… me.

I spent some time teaching Marcus how to use and understand social networks, his enthusiasm really helped him get a handle on various platforms, most of all Instagram.

How has it helped Sam? Come on, tell us!

Ok, ok, I’m getting there. What if I told you that within 12 months of keeping his fingers on the touch screen he has turned over in the region of £70,000? Does that seem unimaginable? Well it is the truth and a truth that I am sure Marcus would be more than happy to prove if you felt the need to have it confirmed.

His success with Instagram now sees him uploading an image of recent work one day, and taking an order for similar work the day after, for anything between a few hundred pounds to a few thousand.

Add to this a client base which now includes the likes of Stephen Gerrard, Jamie Carragher and other Premier league and sport superstars collected with the help of Instagram and other platforms, you can see why Marcus recommends the services of Branding boss wherever and whenever he can.

Follow ‘Marcus Kenyon Upholstery’ on Instagram today, learn from his actions. Need one-to-one tuition on social media? Want to know how to make the right platform work for you? Get in touch with me today 0113 2538746 alternatively email

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