Tattoo Studios in Leeds

Tattoo Studios in Leeds

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Tattoo Studios in Leeds

Tattoo studios in Leeds West Yorkshire have major competition when trying to out-cool Brotherhood Tattoo Studio.

With Gold Frank and Tony Homchan at the helm of this stylish studio which is complete with American pool table, covered in red baize with the Brotherhood logo printed on it, this ink palace is a kind of black and grey kingdom situated in the heart of Leeds City Centre.

Tattoo Studios in Leeds Brotherhood Tattoo StudioGold Frank is no newcomer to the world of service in Leeds, owning the clothes shop ‘Chimp’ at the age of 20 taught him everything he needed to know when the time came again to open his own studio space.

Gold Frank and Tony Homchan are two respected tattoo artists working as a business partnership, with a solid friendship which keeps them both pushing their creative boundaries. Although their love for black and grey artwork is mutual, their styles are very different. Frank has honed his lettering and script skill set since he fell in love with graffiti and West Coast artwork before turning 20, his drawings whilst working in the clothing shop he owned led him to take up tattooing and found himself working in various tattoo studios in the busy Leeds City Centre.

Tony on the other hand, studied fine art and sculpture at university in Bangkok before he started tattooing. Born in Bangkok, Thailand, Tony Homchan has loved all kinds of art since he was a child and always knew that his future lay in the worlds of art. At the age of 21 Tony was introduced to the art of tattooing by a friend, today tattooing is his business, as well as his daily lifestyle. His passion and love comes through his work in every piece.

Is Brotherhood Tattoo Studio one of the best tattoo studios in Leeds ..? Take a trip to the shop, meet the 2 owners, and see for yourselves.

Call the Brotherhood Tattoo Studio now on 0113 245 8900