Tile Shops in Kent

Tile Shops in Kent

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Tile Shops in Kent

Tile shops in Kent are being lead by The Stone Tile Warehouse based in Maidstone.

After seeing out their first year of business in their new location, The Stone Tile Warehouse have seen their customer base grow at a steady rate. They have coupled their on-line marketing with more traditional forms of advertising including newspaper and magazines along with flyer drops and various other customer awareness media.

Specialising in everything the natural tile industry has to offer was the original business plan set out by owner Peter Davis. Creating a business and limiting your appeal to the buyer is never easy, but in this case it has been a decision which has paid off for The Stone Tile Warehouse. That said, their next big decision came at the turn of the year, a time when the Stone Tile team widened their grip on the tile industry due to spreading their glazed wings and stocking standard tiles in various sizes and finishes. This move will see the showroom bust at its seams with the introduction of wall and floor tiles in plain and patterned styles which will be, as always, priced competitively.

Cheap Reclaimed Yorkshire Stone Flags

Cheap is not a word Peter Davis likes to use, and it’s definitely not one that you will hear him even mutter under his breathe when you visit his warehouse full of inspiring displays, but sometimes, there is no other word you can use.

The Stone Tile Warehouse boast unbelievably cheap prices on reclaimed Yorkshire stone flags. Available in many sizes and unique colours due to their natural material and age, Yorkshire stone (known to many as York stone), is extremely hard wearing and is mostly used outdoors, although indoor use is popular. Aged Yorkshire stone gives the end user the beautiful and immediate look they see when viewing Yorkshire stone that has been used to make homes in and around the Yorkshire region. This stone product can be bought new but will take some time (years) until it matures into the colours seen in reclaimed flags.

Final Words on The Stone Tile Warehouse

With two floors professionally displaying everything from Yorkshire stone flags to glass mosaics, you need to visit this Maidstone based showroom and take advantage of their competitively priced tiles, wetroom products, adhesives and grouts. Call them today on 01622 679157